Dynalist's Filepanel vs Sidepanel-view in Opera

Hi folks,
This tool is awesume. The best !
And that why I would like to provide a very little suggestion.

I am using dynalist as an applet in the operas’s sidepanel and syncing with my android phone. It works very well. As you know, the sidepanel pops&hide with a fixed size above the page that is being browsed.
Now, I have expanded my use to 3 files in dynalist. Personal/Work/Studies. And use 3 widgets on 3 desktops on android provided by QuickDynalist app.

I note that dynalist has its own sidepanel to select between files.
When this happens, text is crunched at a right side which gets uncomfortable, because of the reduced space of the opera’s sidepanel (which is more than an android’s screen). This feature adds a few more clicks to the experience.

I noted that dynalist has both, menubar&sidepanel, and both have a lot of empty space.
Then I thought that Tabs at the menubar would be preferred for my usecase, instead of the sidepanel in dynalist-web, but I found no such options on the settings.

Additionally I noted that the Settings dialog does have 3 tabs switchable with 1-click, which is probably what I need… 3 files : Personal, Work, Studies

AND, Android has the typical sandwitch-button at the menu-bar, instead of sidepanel, poping up above the text, instead of crunching it

For Dynalist-web, usecase as operas-sidepanel-applet, I would suggest to move buttons of the sidepanel to the menubar and popup above, instead of crunch the text to the right.
If at all possible, a way to stick frequent files to be shown as Tabs on top of the main body, so they are 1 click accesable.

Of course, this is not really critical at all.
Thank you for reading me.