Dynalist slowed down with Tag Pane

  1. general speed lowered since tag pane
  2. when adding a tag, the site loads a loot more time than usual


Chrome Win10

Additional information

I know its normal for a new feature. only remarking it if the authors werent aware of this.

Indeed we’re not aware of this.

Can you be a little more specific so we can replicate the problem ourselves? I haven’t seen any slow down with tag pane yet, maybe because my documents are not big enough.

What are the symptoms of the slow down for you? Does typing becomes choppy? Does that happen only after entering a tag?

Any additional information helps, thanks!

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the general flow is a little slowed down
But after entering a tag typing becomes a little choppy and loads for a second
Tomorrow if I can I’ll record a gif of the issue

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Thank you!

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bug found :bug: =
I open dynalist. I tag. no problem with tags. (quick, normal function) :grinning:

I open dynalist. + I open tag pane. >>> tags become very unusable (it freezes adding one in the autocomplete tag part)

Can I know how many tags do you have in total so I can get an idea?

specifically 5585
I mean theyre many because I use Dynalist everyday, but isnt an astronomical non-reasonable number either…

Yes, I understand it’s a reasonable number. I personally don’t have that many but I understand.

Tag pane does dynamically update every time you edit, and if there are thousands of tags, removing and re-displaying all of them is the culprit of the lag.

We’ll think about how to reduce the lag! In the meantime, if you have another pane open or collapse the tag pane, the lag should disappear. Let me know if that’s not the case!

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Once opened the pane, the lag doesn’t disappear.
What I do is close that window and open a new one. And never open tag pane xD
I hope this will get better with time

Don’t worry, we plan to optimize the performance of tag pane soon enough. Thanks for letting us know!

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this lag isnt appreciable nowadays. the first days was unusable almost ! . thanks

Good to know! I have to say that we have yet to do optimization but I’m glad to know the lag is less of a problem now. We’ll still do optimization nevertheless as others may have larger documents or more tags.

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