Dynalist instability on Android

I’ve been testing Dynalist and imported my 6mb Workflowy list into a DL document. Since then, Dynalist for Android is slow and crashes seconds after opening, even if the large document isn’t open.

I really want to give DL a good try. Is there any solution, or do I need to hold off until Dynalist gets some major tuning?

Thank you!

Hope it’s ok to bump.

Am I the only one experiencing this kind of problem?

@dei - for what it’s worth, I use Dynalist on Android (Pixel) everyday. I’ve never experienced what you describe. Are you trying to accomplish a specific kind of action? Also, what’s the 6MB comprised of? (e.g. it might be different if it were 6MB of text (~3000000 words) to search/parse, versus 2 MP3 files uploaded).

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For Android you can also try my quick dynalist app! But of course dynalist should adress your issue in any case.

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Thank you for the reply! I should have noted that I am using Android 9 Pie. The 6mb file is only text, an OPML file exported from my current Workflowy account. Workflowy has been my entire brain and I would rather not split it into multiple files. Dynalist Android just stopped running well once I added it.

Could it be that DL was doing an initial indexing process? That would be srange since I added the document via my desktop computer.

I love your lightweight alternative! Will let you know how it runs on Quick Dynalist when I try again shortly.

+1 – Quick Dynalist is also fantastic.

I can’t help but be thoroughly curious as to how you’ve managed to amass 6mb of text. I took a quick look through my computer to see what files would qualify. Fun facts:

  1. my entire sequenced genome (~16MB of TXT)
  2. entire languages (~9MB of TXT)
  3. log files ~2-8mb

If you’ve written 6MB of words, I would LOVE to receive a copy of your DynaList. That sounds fascinating.

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It is possible for you to split some of that 6 MB off the main doc and archive that? That should speed up things by quite a lot.

Once again I tried importing from Workflowy to Dynalist.

Dynalist performance is great for Chrome on Mac OS, but the Android app crashes under the weight of my document. Quick Dynalist handles my document just fine, but its features feel too unfinished to love.

Workflowy has been giving me performance issues for the past week. But their Android app works just fine.

I will be very sad if I can’t use either due to poor support.

Thank you Erica. I’d rather not split it, but will report how that goes.