Dynalist in Asia

Didn’t realise there was such a relatively strong interest in Dynalist from Asia :thinking:

Google Trends

Dynalist is useful in China because it is unblocked. Long may it remain so.


We get blocked and unblocked in China periodically. In Russia too.

Not sure what’s happening there…

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China has its own Workflowy/Dynalist type app: Mubu.com. It isn’t bad, but I don’t use it because it means having your data on Chinese servers…

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I wonder if some Mubu users in China feel the same - hence the interest :thinking:


I still can’t believe it… since Google is blocked in mainland China.

Searches for “dynalist” in the US is 3% of the volume of that in China, is that what the chart is saying? Shida: this person claims we should make the Linux client a real package rather than its form right now.

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Baidu search engine results lets you see some of the top blog posts in China about Dynalist. I assume that these posts each spark a surge in interest? Not unusual for tech-savvy people to jump the firewall to find out more…