Dynalist ignores OS X (but not iOS) keyboard text replacements

One of my favourite features in the Apple ecosystem is found in “System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Text”.

I’ve got replacements set up for the following:

“@@” expands to my email address
":addr" expands to my full address
":t" expands to :+1:

And dozens of others that are more or less useful than the above. The point is, text expansion is a big time-saver but Dynalist’s desktop app ignores them completely. Somehow the text editor is invisible to OS X. The iOS version of Dynalist, however, renders the replacements just fine. I’ll type “@@” and it’ll transform into my email address. On the desktop: nothing.

I would love for this to be fixed so I can make use of this text-expansion feature more regularly, rather than on the off-chance I’m adding stuff on my iPhone.

Thank you!

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