Dynalist has Stopped Syncing

For the past few hours my logo near the upper right corner is “running around the track” indicating that it’s syncing. It is not syncing. Earlier today, for several hours that space said “Sync now” but when clicked, it stayed grayed-out and did not sync. Also, I tried to force-quit but the force-quit window does not indicate that Dynalist is “not responding”. Yesterday, I downloaded and reinstalled the app and the problem is still there
I’m running the latest Mojave 10.14.4 OS.

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Additional comments

I’m sorry to hear that!

  1. You do have internet right? (Just ruling out the most likely cause)
  2. Instead of re-installing the app, could you try restarting it? The downloader is not the newest version either, by restarting you should get the latest version. You can check version in main menu (menu icon at the top right corner) - “About”. Latest is 1.1.17.