Dynalist for music management

The Dynalist ecosystem has developed enough now to be an all-purpose hub for many things.

Like many, my music listening has gradually moved to streaming services. Apps like Spotify are wonderful in providing access to the world’s music, but strangely dire when it comes to user engagement. Unlike the previous generation of media managers, like Media Monkey, it doesn’t allow tagging or any management of saved albums. This is a particular problem for streaming music, as we don’t have the visual cues of CD covers in our space to remind us of a current playlist.

I’ve taken now to importing Spotify album links into Dynalist and tagging with a similar system I used in Media Monkey, related to situations. I have a generic tag #turntable for my current playlist. I then used the wonderful QuickDynalist by @Louis_Kirsch to save a search filter for these tags so I can more easily select what I want to listen to.

What I haven’t resolved yet is rating. It’s possible to use something like #f1-#f5, but that doesn’t offer a strong visual cue.

I’d be curious if others have found ways of extending Dynalist into their lives.