Dynalist app: direct toggle “global search” from document search results

After performing a document search, the only way to perform a global search seems to be by (1) cleaning the search bar, (2) toggling to global search by clicking the icon, (3) typing again the desired words/terms, (4) pressing 0k/enter to search. This is showed in the screen-recording: https://goo.gl/eHBT69

The suggestion for Dynalist app is a way to toggle to global search after a document search, without the need of so many steps.

It is very common to start with a document search, and then jump to the global search if the term isn’t found in the document. In Dynalist desktop it is easily achievable by pressing ctrl+enter.

Thanks for the suggestion! That’s a very nice idea and would definitely save time in the case of switching from document search to global search.

The biggest concern we have is that two icons would take up too much space in a narrow search bar. We’ll play around with this idea and see how it looks. Thanks for the suggestion!