Drop search term when zooming in while searching

Steps to reproduce

Starting from scratch, what are the steps to make the bug happen? The fewer the steps, the better.

  1. Do a search, regular or tag one

  2. Click on a main bullet that represents your result

Expected result

What do you expect to see after carrying out the steps above?

The whole content under the bullet just clicked shows. The search is cleared.

Actual result

Instead of the expected result, what happened?

Only the bullets/notes containing the search term(s) show under the bullet clicked. To be able to see the complete list you have to X the search


Which operating system are you using? Which browser are you using? If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist?

Chrome/Windows 10


I would say that this is more of a feature request to change how things currently work, but I’ll let someone else choose on moving the thread, in case I’m mistaken.

However, the workaround for this in the meantime is to expand > close > expand the point to view the entire list, in which you can then zoom in and close the search (via the esc key or by clicking on the x).

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Yeah, I’ve spent an almost unreasonable amount of time considering the Features forum or Bugs; I hear you :smile:

Reason I went with Bug (unexpected behavior) is … Consider a search on Google, Evernote, Gmail, MS Word, WorkFlowy, this forum, MindManager, Picasa, Google Photos, ZimWiki, Wikipedia, – and almost anywhere else. When you click one of the search results you expect, and get the, full content of that result, not just the part where your search term appeared. Hence – a bug.

E.g.: you search for a recipe that has the tag #lowcarb. Clicking on Spicey Chicken Wings listed, do you expect; a) to see just the bullet/note that contains the tag, or b) the recipe? For me, giving my experiences elsewhere, it’s B.

Yeah, Esc sounds a lot faster.

I’ve definitely run up against this issue too. Not that I think the current behaviour should change, because it’s also useful, and there’s no other way to achieve it.

@JP1 I didn’t understand this; could you elaborate?

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as for no other way to achieve it; try the same search + click behavior on WorkFlowy. You’ll see the difference and notice how it is easily achieved.

As for the proposed workaround: do the search, click on a result, press ESC, then then rest of the resulting entry appears

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My understanding of his comment is that there’s no other way to achieve the current behavior in Dynalist, if it’s changed as you described.

Of course this is easily achievable, technically speaking. We can just remove the search keyword whenever you zoom in while search. The use case we had in mind is that you search for something, and lots of results pop up. You get overwhelmed and only want to view a subset of the search results instead. In this scenario, there’s no way to do it in the system you proposed other than zoom in and re-perform the same search.

The analogy of Google search results is a little off as well, that’s more like Search Everywehre, rather than in-document. As you can see, results get filtered out as you type, which is not what Google does. You normally need to press Enter to perform a search. The examples you mentioned mostly return static, non-editable results, whereas the filtered view contains dynamic and interactable items. It’s basically a subset of the document with the keyboard constraint applied.


So once you’ve searched for a term and would like to flesh out a node, expanding it once will show all results (assuming there are any) nested underneath it that contain the same word, and then closing it and expanding it again will show everything under the node, ignoring the filter by the search.

I hope that clarifies things. If not, I’ll make a GIF.

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Yeah, that’s another way of doing it. Good point.

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(1). I do a CTRL + F search in Recipes for “pepper”

(2). I see a list of filtered search results; these are only results that show my search term:

(3). I see a recipe that could be what I’m looking for: pan roasted drumsticks

(4). I click it – but now I still see only the same filtered line I already saw in the search results lists from number 2:

(5). In order to see if this is the entry i want, i have to exit the search to be able to read the whole thing:

I’m used to search → click result you want to see → see that complete entry.

ps: feel free to move this to the features forum if that’s a better place for it


mmm drumsticks… and +1 for this request.

Two possibilities to implement this:

  1. Add a “sticky” checkbox, only visible when the search is active

  2. Add a “Sticky search” checkbox to global user settings


I agree wholeheartedly that having search function this way as a default is a mistake. Personally I have wanted the search to be maintained after zooming perhaps 5% of the time and would prefer it to go away 95% of the time, and while I do press escape to get rid of it, it is still a little frustrating to have to do this every time and really removes from the feeling of ‘flow’ that dynalist and workflowy normally are so good at. I can’t see this ratio being grossly different for anyone else, but may be wrong of course.

My preferred approach as usual is to have an option to alter this function (I know I am constantly suggesting additional options which might be overwhelming for new users: perhaps there could be a ‘Show advanced settings’ option in settings as quite a few other programs have?). Customisability is surely the answer to make everyone happy when different people want different things?

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Yeah, adding an “Advanced options…” part seems to be most apps’ answer to this question, and I think that’s quite reasonable! We’ll move some less used options to this section as well.

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The double escape option is useful, but it only works if the item you have search for is in the first layer underneath where you started the search. If it another layer deep, escape just takes you back to the layer you searched from.

So just to add to my previous comment. And correct the exact nature of the search after experimenting…

It will go to the searched item, as long as the result I have searched for is already an open node. If the node is not open already, it just takes me back to where I was before the search.

I would like to start my search from the top level of my document, and find something two or more layers in. For example, I search for “Day”, and that takes me to results, and I click on one at “Year Plan - Quarter Plan - Month Plan - Week Plan - Day Plan”. That is 5 layers deep.

If “Year Plan - Quarter Plan - Month Plan - Week Plan - Day Plan” was already an open node, when I hit escape twice, it will take me to that node. That is good!

If that node was not already open, let’s say it was only “Year Plan - Quarter Plan” that was open, with all other nodes underneath being shut… And then I do the search for day… I click on “Day Plan”. Then… when I hit escape, it will take me back to “Year Plan - Quarter Plan”, and not all the way to “Year Plan - Quarter Plan - Month Plan - Week Plan - Day Plan”, which is where I want to go. Please note, I want to get there without zooming in.

The only way I can see to get “Year Plan - Quarter Plan - Month Plan - Week Plan - Day Plan” without being zoomed in on “Day Plan”, is to do a search and find it. Hit the escape button, and then manually dig for it now that I know where it is… Or am I missing something??