Dragging list items into documents

My workflow relies heavily on moving quickly captured Inbox items to various files to organize them. I’m a longtime user and rely on the Move keyboard shortcut, but it would be fantastic if I could drag a list item into a file in the “My files” pane on the left. For me, converting an item to a file (the default behavior) is far less useful. Please consider a change here, for example a spring loaded hover such that holding over a file while dragging would allow dropping into a file rather than alongside it. Not to lay it on too thick here, but right now this is literally the only “flaw” I run into with Dynalist. Keep up the great work.

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If you’re used to move hotkey, why would you willingly use mouse drag instead? Maybe I misunderstand.

Great question. The reason is that I have a few similarly named lists, sublists and files so the autocomplete list in the “move” interaction requires scrolling to select the right file. If I drag I know exactly where something is going. Hope that clarifies and I should have included this bit originally.

Bumping this back up after 2.5 years! It’s still the only frustration I have with Dynalist. Any possibility of adding a feature to allow dragging a bullet into a document? cmd-shift-m works but is very cumbersome because of the sheer. number of documents I have.

Thanks for the feedback, will bump the priority of this feature request! :slight_smile: