Dragging bullets to documents in the side bar

Hello Dynalist community!
I went from Dynalist to Roam to Onenote back to Dynalist & Vivaldi, but that’s another discussion.

It would be helpful, if i can drag a bullet to a document in the left sidebar. I tried it but Dynalist made a document out of the bullet which isn’t desired. Ideally after dragging the bullet to the doc, i would then click on the doc then see the bullet there…
After I wrote the title, I see this was requested in Oct 19 but it’s worth mentioning again.
Edit: I found the keyboard shortcut to use, Ctrl shift m



I run into this same workflow a lot of times during the day, and it works for me all the time.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is that when you drag a bullet, the document title needs to be shadowed out (solid color). Sometimes it’s a bit hard to hover on the title, as this shadow can have a little glitchy to form, so to speak.

But once you see it, just release the mouse button and the bullet is added into that document perfectly fine.

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Thanks Fabio, I was able to see it. I had to hover over the right side off the bullet to get it.
Thank you!

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