Dragging a document into list causes duplicate pastes

Steps to reproduce

*Create a test document and add a couple items to it.
*Select a different document
*Drag the test document into the selected list, creating a new item and sub-items
*Now click anywhere in the list

Expected result

Cursor moves to new position but nothing else happens.

Actual result

Every time I click anywhere in the list it pastes the test list again. Workaround seems to be to reload the page. Then I can click without re-pasting the test list.


Google Chrome in Ubuntu 16.04

I can confirm this on Chrome/Win10. @Erica

Another workaround appears to be simply deleting the duplicate list.

Confirmed, will fix, thanks a lot for letting us know @Rob1! And thanks for confirming it @JP1!

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Update: fixed, and the fix will be released soon. Thanks again for the report!

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Update: should be fixed now, could you confirm, @Rob1?

Confirmed. Works great now. Kudos for such a quick turn-around.

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Glad to hear! Closing this :slight_smile: