"Drag under item" advanced preference to determine placement

Inbox has a “Move to position” option, and advanced settings has a “Move item to” setting which lets you configure whether you want items to be placed at the beginning or end of the list being moved to. It would be great to have the same option for “Drag under item”.

Originally dragged under items were placed at the top of the child list, but that has since changed to placing at the end of the list. Personally I much prefer having the items placed at the top of the list, one benefit being that it matches my preference for “Move item to”, and I can then use them interchangeably.

I understand not wanting to clutter the settings (hopefully partially addressed by putting it under “advanced settings”), but I think this would be useful and complement the other two settings that allow similar flexibility.

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+1 for the feature. By default the placement should be the same as the inbox and move to features.

Great suggestion, will add!

I especially like how the defaults align as well (both being the bottom).

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I noticed that it doesn’t look like this was included in the May update that just went out. Are there plans to include this in the June update? Thanks!

Is there a timeframe for when this will be added? I’ve been checking for it every time a new update comes out, but it doesn’t look like it’s implemented yet. Thanks!

I just realized that this has been implemented, thanks!

I’m curious when this went out, as I don’t remember it being mentioned in any of the updates (mostly wondering how long I’ve been missing out using this feature :smiley:).