Download button for text export

I love the download buttons for HTML and OPML export. It would be nice to have a button to download a text file as well. This is something I do frequently, and it would save me from having to open a text editor, copy, paste, and save every time I want to do this. That is cumbersome when you have a lot of windows open already.


I forgot to mention that I suggest the default indentation style for plain text export with the button should be dashes. The reason is that if you export with dashes, the resulting text file can be read as a list outline by markdown viewers.

Asterisks would work, but would not be as good as dashes. If you want to paste the text from an exported text file back into Dynalist, you have to use “Find/Replace” in a text editor to take out all of your bullets, otherwise the dashes/asterisks show up in Dynalist. Replacing dashes is easier than replacing asterisks for me, because asterisks are also used for bold and italics in Markdown.

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What about we just whatever indentation option that’s selected, so there are more possibilities for what can be exported?

Also, do you think the file extension should be .txt or .md?

By the way, three buttons may be too crowded for the pop up. We may put each button under each tab. That means you can only see the “Download as OPML file” once you’re selected the “OPML” tab.

Does that sound okay?

Perhaps .txt because the kind of people who use Markdown are probably not the kind of people who might have confusion or trouble with dealing with .txt files (as opposed to the other way around)?

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Sounds good! Also I think most Markdown editors accept .txt as well?