Done & Done

Hi, As I understand it an item marked “Done” becomes gray and with strikethrough. If it has childred they too will be marked “done” and becomes gray. But the children does not become strikethrough.

I would like tu use that as a feature and mark things “done” with gray if it has been done. Then mark with gray and strikethrough if the item has been dismissed . I dont want to delete it for the sake of keeping a history.

I can easily make grayed items strikethrough individually, but not the other way around.
Is it possible to remove the striketrugh from a “done” item?

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Sorry, it’s a parent-children specific behavior. It’s used to distinguish two cases: (1) the item itself has been specifically checked and (2) one of the item’s ancestors was checked and the item appears checked because of the hierarchy.

If you want to mark something dismissed, I would recommend either delete it, send it to another archive doc, remove/add a color label, remove/add a tag, or some method like those where you can precisely control.

I actually think you should consider some mode for this. I have a pre-flight checklist for packing my bags and it’s painful not to be able to uncheck the parent item and have all child items become unchecked too. I know it’s a bit different from the OP’s problem but still touches the same functionality.

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Don’t know if this helps but in the desktop and web apps you can set a keyboard shortcut to uncheck children in settings\keymap\working with lists.


Thanks for the answers. I think I will find another way of doing this then.