Does the Google Calendar integration scale to thousands of events?

That is, if I start date/timestamping lots of items and it becomes a life-log of sorts, I can see it getting up to thousands of items in a year. Is anyone else using it like this, and does it work well?

I have to say, in a few weeks of using the integration, I can’t say I feel super confident in it. Every now & then I find it has stopped and I have to re-enable it.

The documentation can also use some clarification around exactly how things sync, like how it’s one-way from Dynalist → GCal. But also the logic around edge cases: if I delete the calendar event, I know it won’t delete in Dynalist, but will it get created again in the calendar when it syncs next?

That said, it’s a killer feature and if it scales and works reliably, it’s head & shoulders above what other tools can do!

I think it should, unless Google has rate limit on their API. Still, you’re syncing thousands of events in total, not all at once.

That sounds like a bug… do you mind posting it as such?

If there’s any repro steps or patterns you’ve observed, we can look into it and see if we can fix it.