Does anyone know a method to download or backup all of your images stored on the domain?

I ask because I assume the Google Drive backup doesnt contain a copy of these images (tho I’d love if it did, as I have the 100gb $2/mo plan there.)

Anyone found a way? Some extension that rips all images on a website + expanding the whole document, maybe?I just want to make sure all my important data has a backup in case of disaster, and that includes the images uploaded on my document.


All the files you uploaded are listed in the “Upload Manager” which can be accessed in the main menu. There’s no way to download them all at once though, we’ll look into the possibilities on that. Thanks!


ok, should be fine, hopefully dynalist lives forever but just give us a heads up if you start having uhhhh money issues so we can panic accordingly

Lols on “uhhhh money issues”. Yep we’ll be sure to let people know if we plan to sunset Dynalist.