Does anyboby know how to search by specific date?

Does anybody know how to search by specific date?

For example, I have the outline as a below picture.
Each process have date range for doing.

I can search the process which is planed to do today , tomorrow, one week late or one month later by put search operator like ”since:0day within: 0d”

However I can’t search by specific date.

When I put today date ( “2020-03-13”), I can find it because I put today date as date range of Planning processs of Project A.


But when I put tomorrow date (“2020-03-14”) , I can’t find it even though tomorrow date is in the date range of Planning process of Project A and Project B.

How can I find the item by specific date ?

Workflowy has same future ( date range ) and it can search by specific date.