Document Title - notes not exported

Steps to reproduce

  1. Using the Export Dialog Box for a Document with notes to export via copy (Formatted/Plain Text/OPML) or OPML download.

  2. Importing into a recipient program.

Expected result

Document to be imported in it’s entirety - including notes for Document title.

Actual result

Imported Document title does not include notes.


Web App
Chrome 62 64bit
Windows 10 64bit

What’s the “recipient program”?

I can’t seem to reproduce this bug by importing into Dynalist or WorkFlowy.

Any program, including Dynalist and Workflowy. To be clear, it’s only notes for the main top level Document Title that aren’t exporting. All other notes below that level export ok.

They export okay for me. If you take a look at the OPML Dynalist generates, the outer most <outline> tag does contain a _note attribute.

You’re using the web version so I assume it’s the latest version?

Hi Erica,

I think I’ve narrowed this down.

The problem appears to be with the Export option accessed via the right click menu on the document title in the file pane. The same problem exists with the desktop app as well by the way.

Can you reproduce via this route?

I see, I was able to reproduce the bug via that route.

We’ll have to see how we can reconcile the two versions – if you’re having trouble exporting, please use the item menu rather than the file right click menu for now.

The funny thing is that the “wrong” version is (I think) how OPML is supposed to work. The title of the file should be translate to the “title” of the OPML file, which is not an <outline> tag and can’t contain a note. Hmm tough decision…

While you’re tidying up your bug list - did you have any more thoughts about this one?

I think to be able to preserve the note, we’ll just use an unnamed OPML node for now.

The alternative would be to add a new attribute to this part:

I’ve filed the bug but haven’t decided on a solution yet.

@pottster: This should be fixed in the latest versions (please refresh/reload the app to update), could you please confirm when you have time? Thanks in advance!

Hi Erica. I can confirm the Document Note data is now included in export via the right click menu on the document in the file pane. :+1:

I’m having some problems with the formatting when exporting but I’ll report that separately sometime in the future.

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Thanks in advance!

Hi Erica, sorry to resurrect an old bug (I can make this a new topic if you want?), but it looks like this is still a problem when using the ‘Download backup’ option in the web version…


When the document looks like this:

I get the following result in the .opml version of the file (inside the .zip file created by ‘Download backup’):

As you can see, the output is a little different from that produced using the other ‘Export’ option: the title is included in the <head> section, rather than the <body>. This is actually fine, except that the title’s note (“Test note (title)”) does not appear to be included anywhere.

It’s not a huge problem - I’ve been working around it - but can you take a look when you get the chance?

Thanks so much! Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi @wanderspeak, because organizing the documents into folders and compressing them into a zip was required, the “Make backup” was done from the server, which is why there’s a discrepancy here.

Could you open a new bug report so that we can track it separately please? Since the original bug reported here it’s harder to track it here.