Document opening on a bullet instead of root

Steps to reproduce

Open document

Expected result

See root document (with all my bullet points)

Actual result

Opens in a zoomed in bullet point.


Android 7.0 App 1.2.2

Additional information

Will attach screenshots when I’m finished posting here as it’s on my phone.

Additional comments

If I press “Back” when I’m at the zoomed in point, it just goes back to no document being selected.

@Joel, this is actually a feature. The open bullet should be the last zoom position that’s remembered by Dynalist, but maybe you forgot or didn’t mean to go here.

It’s like how you’re brought to where you scrolled to on a webpage if you reopen it. Browser does it automatically to save some work.

Maybe we should add an option to disable it.

I see, so how do I go back to normal root document as my main point? If I hit back currently at that zoomed point, I’m taken to the “select document” screen (1st picture). If I choose “#Work” (2nd bullet point) and press back, I’m still at the zoomed bullet.

This would be a nice addition.

Edit: Also I’ve noticed if I click underneath the one entry in that zoomed point, I get a checkbox (even though it’s set to locked with/viewer mode only).

You can type here:


That’s the thing, if I tapped my root “ToDo” there, I cannot press back at all. If I press back then it goes back to “3rd zoomed bullet” and then “Select Document” screen.

I see! There’s still something that I don’t quite understand though.

If you tap “ToDo” to go to the root, you will be back at “Call @HDSouthPark10” when you press Back (I’m assuming you mean the back button on Android phones, is that correct?). Do you want to be at somewhere else?

What I’m trying to get at is that it’s currently stuck at the 3rd zoomed bullet instead of the root document.

To get a better understanding:

  1. Open Dynalist - (on the screen telling you to either select a document, find one, etc)
  2. Select my ToDo list
  3. Ends up on 3rd bullet point
  4. Realized Hey this isn’t where I want to me, let me go back for a second
  5. Hits back on my phone (yes the back button my Android phone)
  6. Ends up back to select screen.

Alternatively using your suggestion:

  1. Open Dynalist - (on the screen telling you to either select a document, find one, etc)
  2. Select my ToDo list
  3. Ends up on 3rd bullet point
  4. Realized Hey this isn’t where I want to me, let me go back for a second
  5. Taps on the root document (ToDo from the breadcrumb menu)
  6. Sweet back to my root
  7. Now let’s go back to my main screen (hitting back button) hoping for it to reset…meaning that I would like my root document open next time I hit ToDo
  8. Nope, back to 3rd bullet.

What I’m asking is that when this behaviour occurs, how do I get it back to using my root document as default instead of a bullet point?

Do I need to go on browser and manually zoom out? How to I reset my document back to default where whatever I select from my side menu, it’s the root of the document that would open and not a zoomed point.

Thanks a lot for the details steps, I have a much better idea now.

One last question, what’s the “main screen” that you’re referring to? From your screenshots, is it the “No document is open” screen?

No probs :slight_smile:

Yup that’s exactly what I’m referring to.

(I think) Isee what’s happening here.

The back button not will only go to the last document, it will also go to the last zoom position. So after going back to root, pressing Back again will lead you to 3rd bullet, since you just zoomed into it.

If instead of hitting Back, you open another document (“Inbox”, for example) and come back to the ToDo document, you should see that you’re seeing the root item instead of 3rd item.

Does that help at all?

Yup this is correct. Let’s say I want to close Dynalist now so I do the following:

  1. Continuing from what you mentioned - opened another document, then opened ToDo
  2. Close Dynalist (by pressing the Home button)
  3. But I don’t want to leave Dynalist or any other app running in the background so I swipe all my opened apps away
  4. Reopened Dynalist later on and what do you know…back to 3rd point when I hit ToDo list.

So I’m assuming there is no way to reset the behavior other than relogging as I’m sure I’m not the only person who presses back to close (reset) apps to their default screen or at least close apps running in the background.

I tried those steps and when I open Dynalist again, I see the root item instead of the 3rd document. Can you repro this consistently? I might have pressed Home a bit later than you though.

My guess is that the Dynalist app didn’t have enough time to save the zoomed node of a document locally before you put it to background and eventually killed it. If you give it like a second, it might work (it also depends on your phone though).

Since I’ve logged off to reset it, it hasn’t happened again. If it does I’ll let you know.

Ok, thanks in advance.

Theoretically the app will try to save the zoom information as soon as you change the zoom, it’s just that sometimes it doesn’t have enough time to complete the saving.

My experience clicking to another document and clicking back is that it goes to the PARENT of the bullet I was at. I very much wish it would go to the actual bullet it left. I assume this is considered a bug?