Do not render trailing whitespace in note

Some of my notes have an empty line at the end. Some don’t. The difference means nothing to me. However, 2 notes can render differently when viewed in a list.

Please do not render trailing whitespace in a note when viewing.

Is it a legacy issue from this?

If so, you can still check the “Clean up newlines option” in advance settings and clean them up.

I understand your use case, but it seems a little unreasonable to just ignore trailing whitespace. Maybe it means something to another person, right?

In the case of the previous line break issue, the extra whitespace was created accidentally. In other cases, it’s resulted by a user action and I think it’s best to keep them no matter if it’s a mistake or not.

Some way to address trailing whitespace would be useful.
How about a “render trailing whitespace” option? Or a “trim trailing whitespace” action?

Sorry for the late reply, so the “Clean up newlines option” is not working for your case?

Is it because it’s whitespace rather than newline characters?