[Do not implement] Never show a user's email in a document that they've shared with the public

I like how Dynalist currently works in not unnecessarily “leaking” a user’s private info. So I just wanted to express my opinion/concern in advance in case this feature is reconsidered for some reason.

E.g. If I share a Google doc with the public, my email is visible in the Sharing Options. If I share a Dynalist document with the public, my email is not. I’m not sure how this will change once a version control system is in place, but hopefully it won’t display one’s emails, at least for public documents (or perhaps it’ll be opt-in).

Unless there’s good reason to, I don’t think we’re going to change this.

Just note that if you use the private sharing feature to invite a user, your email information will be sent to the invitee.

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