Display how many days

Hi, I like to request if you can consider add an option for how to display days. Right now Dynalist display how many days within one week, after that it just display exact day. I hope you can expand the days count to any days, for example 2000-01-15 will show something like 17y 5m 20d. Because for me when I put a day in I usually don’t care exactly what day it is, instead I want to know exactly the time frame between today and the set day. Hopefully you can consider my request, and have wonderful “days”.

Update - Another suggestion is in the calendar menu add a bottom between time and done (time have unnecessary large box), or just add a switch in the setting.

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Yes it would be nice also if this ‘How much time until’ feature could be customised i.e. added to the already existing custom time format options.

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Yes this would be Awesome for flatten search output based on Duedate

As Example


Next Week

This Month


Haha, that’s cool :slight_smile:

Sorry it seems like I somehow missed this. Didn’t think it was posted that early.

I like the idea. There’s no need for a new setting, even. A special value in the “Custom date format” setting will do. For example, if you write “relative”, it will always be relative.

@KC, you can now use the “relative” keyword for this purpose.


Can you explain how to use ‘relative’?

Type “relative” in time format. Enjoy.

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Yeah, what @KC said. That option is in Settings - Preferences - Date.