Disabling CTRL+F shortcut?

I would like to disable the CTRL+F shortcut that’s native with dynalist so I can just use my regular CTRL+F. CTRL+G isn’t working as intended on dynalist for me (keeps going back to where I started search at, not where iw ant to end at)

i’d like to use something like quick javascript switcher to get it to work

what specific javascript function am i looking for


As a Pro user you can just customize Ctrl+F to something else. That should restore the default action.

Maybe try that?

oh I didn’t know you could remap hotkeys, i was looking through earlier to try and do that but the UI wasn’t really intuitive enough for me (I’m used to remapping hotkeys in video game-style UI’s)

This helps a lot now thanks :slight_smile:

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In Settings - Keymap, click on an old shortcut, and press the new shortcut. Let me know if you run into any problems while using it!