Disable TAG

Some context has # or @ eventhough they ar e not TAG.
So i hope to disable that TAG in my Tags Pane.
Could you support it ? or how to do disable that TAG to normal text.

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I mean, # and @ are tags in dynalist. It’s like asking for <> to be plain text in html or def to be plain text in python. Usually people code in the syntax of the platform they’re on rather than messing with the core way things work on a platform.

What do you mean by “that TAG in my Tags pane” specifically though?

If you want all tags to look different, custom CSS can make them look any way you want.

make them all invisible

.node-tag {
    display: none !important;

or make them blue

.node-tag {
    color: blue;

I’m not sure what all goes into making them look like plain text but I’m sure there’s CSS for that too.