Disable Slide to Delete

On the IPad it is easy to non intentionally delete items. Can you add a check box in settings to disable this feature please. I was lucky that I did not lose a heap of zipped up data this way.


Hi Graham.

This issue is being addressed with an update to the mobile app, due shortly. A tap confirmation will be required to complete or delete an item. It has already been introduced to the webapp - you can take a look if you go to Dynalist in a browser on your ipad.

Oh damn, I’d prefer to not have the tap confirmation as I like to delete or complete multiple items swiftly without ruining my flow and instead have the option like Graham suggests for those who don’t like it. Adding tap confirmation makes this slower than just pressing the delete or complete buttons …

Another way to go would be to have an ‘undo’ toast appear for a while after deleting

Please, please introduce a confirmation tap function. The times I’ve accidentally deleted line entries this week is scary…

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Android app updated yesterday with this. IOS is imminent :crossed_fingers:.

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