It would be great if there was a way to create simple diagrams inside Dynalist, instead of inserting an image.

Haven’t got any ideas on how this might work or be implemented, but would be really cool to have in the future :smiley:

The simplest solution I can think of is to embed some other editor that’s dedicated to creating diagrams, like draw.io, as this is a complex problem on its own.

Does this use case come up often for you? Is creating the diagram in another software and embedding it too inconvenient?


I think that definable actions could be something that could potentially takes care of this. So let’s say I do {{Diagram, it will take me to draw.io, because I have defined diagram = open draw.io in my settings, allowing me to generate things on the fly. That way, if someone wants to use a different service, a different website would open for them. There’s an infinite amount of things that Dynalist could try to integrate, I guess.

But that said, a way to embed things as you would video say a video, etc, would be cool, so that way I wouldn’t have to leave Dynalist once I’ve finished creating something.

Excellent idea!!! It comes up quite often, and I actually just use draw.io to make them then insert as images :smiley: I didnt even know that would be possible, but that would work perfectly.

As a side note, is there a way to add videos to Dynalist?

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Not as embeds right now, but you can link to it. I guess that’s a no?

I meant embedding, yeah. Okay thats fine :slight_smile: (for now…:smiling_imp:)