Desktop app will open in Standard, but not Admin account on Mac

I’ve had the Dynalist desktop app installed on my Mac for months and it works great, but in the last two days it’s stopped opening in my Admin account. It opens fine in my Standard account.

On my Admin account the app looks like it’s open in the menu bar (black dot underneath) but the window itself won’t open. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and that hasn’t done anything… anyone experienced this before and have a fix?

Hi Kate, thanks for reporting the issue.

Quick question: did you install the app under the Standard account or the Admin account?

Hey Erica, I installed in under the Admin account.

I see, thanks for the answer.

Could you please email the latest .log file (the one that’s created most recently) to, under the ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dynalist/dynalist/ path, so we can learn what happened? Thanks!

Thanks Erica, will do!

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