Deleting to join items unexpectedly loses comment of first item

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have 2 sibling items with comments
  2. Click at end of first item and press Delete
  3. Items are joined, but comment for first one is unexpectedly lost

Expected result

Either joined comments or inability to do this action if it’s going to result in data loss.

Actual result

Comment data loss.


macOS 10.14.5, MS Edge

Additional comments

I use Del to concatenate items all the time, but I did not realize comments were lost in this case, and now am wondering if ever lost any. In this operation, I would expect resulting item to either combine comments and have one item with 2 comment lines:

comment 1
comment 2

Or, if it’s too difficult to determine user intent, to just not the user do it in cases with comments. In this case I would strongly prefer the former, however.

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