Deleting item within note doesn’t work

Steps to reproduce

  1. Position cursor in note
  2. Hit keyboard shortcut to delete item

Expected result

Item is deleted.

Actual result



Chrome on macOS

If I remembered correctly, this was intentional, since someone complained that item shortcuts shouldn’t work in notes.

The shortcut should work because (a) it doesn’t do any harm: it doesn’t conflict with any other shortcuts that become activated in note mode, and (b) it does a lot of good: Deleting an item when in a note is a sensible thing to want to do, and I do it often.

The item shortcuts that shouldn’t work in note mode are the ones about selection/editing text that conflict with standard OS-level text shortcuts.

I agree with Yatharth! (Disclaimer: I complained about some shortcuts :p)

One shortcut that I use often and which was causing problems is Shift+↓. It’s been great since the fix. Ctrl+Shift+Backspace has no native function as far as I know, so it shouldn’t cause any problems in note mode.

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