Del key deletes item with sub-items

Steps to reproduce

Position cursor at the end of an item which has sub-items. Hit “del” key.

Expected result

Either nothing. Or line break is deleted and next item is merged to the current item. Just like when hitting del on an item without sub-items.

Actual result

The item with all subitems gets deleted. Something I’d only expect with CTRL+SHIFT+Backspace.


Windows. Chrome and Dynalist Windows App.

Additional comments

If this is by design it might be useful to be able to customize the key.


oo… can reproduce on Chrome/macOS.

I agree with the expectation of the first sub-item getting merged.

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Sound scary. Hopefully @Erica and @Shida can take a closer look. Pinning this so that way other users will know, in case for some reason ctrl+z mysteriously doesn’t work.

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@Shida is on it! Expect a fix out in 30 min.

Really sorry about that!

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Seems to be working just fine on my end. Can you confirm, @Rainer_Kruschwitz?

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Yep, the fix just went out to both web and desktop. A reload/relaunch should get the update pulled down.

Thanks again for the good finding (on a Saturday)!

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You’re welcome. Major props to the OP and YA for reporting and confirming it. Thanks for taking the time to fix it ASAP! I’m glad it wasn’t something too complicated.

:slight_smile: Works like charm. Thanks for the quick fix.