Default Date in Desktop Application

Steps to reproduce

Start Dynalist Windows Application. Don’t close it for couple of days. Don’t turn off PC.

Expected result

Press ‘!’. Press enter. Today’s date inserted.

Actual result

Press ‘!’. Press enter. Date inserted, is date when you started Dynalist. (I think)


Windows 7.
I think it is Windows App Version 1.0.0
(at least there is a folder 1.0.0 in my installation folder )

Additional information

After I restarted Dynalist, everything is ok again. But I think Dynalist should recognize today as date and not the date application was started. Even if I have it running for a couple of days

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Many thanks, @Amra_Smajic :blush: ! I can reproduce the issue perfectly.

You’re definitely right, today should be today and not the date you opened Dynalist. Will investigate and update here!

The issue was caused by a bad detection of a date parameter, which in turn triggered the default date from our date-picker plugin (which was set to be the exact time it was initialized, when you first open Dynalist).

Our fix simply overrides the default date as we properly detect when this is necessary.

This will be deployed sometimes today. I’ll post again when it’s ready so you can restart the desktop app to get the latest update.