Date trigger 'un-completes' item

Hi guys,

I think we’ve had a post before about being able to hide items until a particular date / time. I might have thought of a relatively simple way of doing this.

What if, when an item’s date / time comes around, the item is ‘un-completed’? Obviously if the item is not already completed, this would have no effect so wouldn’t change the normal functioning of dates. However it would give us a way of hiding an item right now by ‘completing’ it, and then having it pop back up when we want by adding a date / time.

While this might seem like a bit of a hack I actually think it makes sense conceptually. We complete the item because it is ‘done’, at least for now. Furthermore, why else would you have a future date on a completed item if you didn’t want in some way to become aware of it again?

In my naive understanding of CS I also imagine it wouldn’t be TOO taxing to code up? We already have the date change colour when it triggers?

What do you think @Erica @Shida?

Thanks for your time,


Hi @Erica would it be possible to get this as an item that can be voted on on the dynalist Road map?