Date picker pops up when editing any text that appears before a date

Steps to reproduce

Create a new bullet point that contains some content, then a date. For example, test bullet point !(2017-05-03)

Move cursor to somewhere in front of the date, e.g. the middle of bullet.

Type a letter, e.g. m.

Expected result

The letter you type gets entered into the text, so you now have test bulmlet point !(2017-05-03)

Actual result

The letter does get entered, but also the date picker pops up.


Windows 10, Chrome.

Additional information

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Additional comments

Are you using a plug-in like Grammarly, @Mark_Eichenlaub? I couldn’t reproduce your problem but I did notice something similar happening when I had Grammarly enabled.

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I experience the same thing, when editing text in a line with a date. Mac app (1.0.30) and in Chrome on Mac. I don’t have Grammarly enabled in Chrome.

@Kevin_Murray no, I’m not using Grammarly, although I do have about 20 extensions.

I have the same problem on Chrome on Linux. Also, I turned off my extensions and the problem persisted.

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I can reproduce this as well – will fix!


This is fixed for me now. Thanks!

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