Date filters with several ORs not working

I want a huge dump where I just put my TODOs and tag the daylights out of them. I have several tags that are all relevant to one another and that’s the dimension by which I want to organize things - which is great until I also want to organize them in relation to the dates I put on them.

For example, I have tags relevant for my job - but I typically tag things mid-sentence like “Make sure to update #importantthing for @client !(2020-10-19) #p0” or “Check in with @coworker about #gh-issue 2441 !(2020-10-22)”.

So I have a known set of tags that are relevant to things like work, home, chores, misc TODOs and so on that I want to have living in a simple big list that I can filter to my own delight.

However, filters like “#project1 OR #project2 OR #other-work-related-tag OR @coworker OR @client within:1d” aren’t giving me what I want - “What things among these tags are due or relevant within 1 day of today?” - rather it gives me everything matching the tags regardless of the date on them and everything with a date within 1d. Nested logic would go a long way here - if I could use parenthesis things would be super smooth. I know that’s hard to do but perhaps requiring that parenthesis (or whatever nesting delimiter) have spaces on both sides (unless they’re the first/last thing in the entire search field anyway) could help differentiate between #tagswith(parens) and other tokens.

( #p0 OR #p1 ( within:5d OR -has:date ) ) @me ( @teammate1 OR @teammate2 ) )

To be “p0 or p1 that don’t have a date or are due within 5d that has @me and one of my 2 teammates tagged on it”.

I hope I’m just missing something about how to make the most out of the tagging and filtering system - but it seems that maybe my dream of having one tagged list to rule them all isn’t viable with Dynalist so any help would be must appreciated.

I suppose I can just sort the monolith list I have by date so at least my searches chaining ORs will at least be in order of how much I care about them in terms of their dates.

Still would love a more robust filtering system. Text parsing is a pain so I understand not wanting to dig into whatever code handles that stuff when you also have to worry about breaking half of everybody’s filters.