Cyrillic (bold) vs normal (thin)

Steps to reproduce

Open type some Cyrillic.

Expected result

Consistent font style.

Actual result

Bold font of Cyrillic text or thin font of a normal text.

Environment Ubuntu 16.04.4, Firefox 60.0.1 (64-bit)

Additional information


Our default font doesn’t contain Cyrillic, so a fallback system font was used, causing the inconsistent font appearance.

If you change font option to “System”, the issue should be alleviated.

The issue was much worse before (see: Cyrillic alphabet (russian letters) renders with broken broken formatting - letters are spaced too wide). After the fix, Cyrillic characters uses a fallback system font, so they look much better, but still slightly different from the default font.

Thank you. I’ve tested other fonts and only “Whitney” having problem with Cyrillic.

I see, we’ll consider adding Cyrillic fonts to the Whitney font.

One concern is that this will make the font file bigger, and makes the page slower to load. We’ll see what we can do!

Thanks for being so understanding.

It would be great if you can add that. I also like the Whitney font but the inconsistency is not pleasent to look at. I also have notes with mixed alphabets.

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+1 for this same issue. It’s a really, really wide display:

Hello. Where is Russian font. It is still not working! And you want me to pay for such an ugly looking software??? No way!

just compare yourself = просто сравните сами

Looks fine to me. Can you show me what you’re seeing?