Cyrillic artefacts

I pay a subscription Pro, and these artifacts appearing among the text are very annoying to me - it is necessary deleting them manually. WTF?

My device: Galaxy Tab s5e

Hi, did it appear after you got a subscription? Do they appear after you write the text?

  1. I cannot answer whether a subscription affects their appearance.
  2. They do not appear when you type, but are found when you scroll the document.

I have a hard time understanding the problem from your description. Do you think it’s possible for you to take a video how it appears?

What is the problem: rhombs with a question mark constantly appear among the text randomly. Video:

Next time you see it, could you check your version history for that document to see when it was added to the document?

In the “Version history” these signs are missing completely, and with the text everything is fine.

Hmm that’s weird. If it’s not showing up in version history, that means something went wrong in the app that’s displaying it. When you see the signs again, could you open the browser app (maybe on a different device) and see if they’re like that somewhere else?

I just want to isolate the problem whether it’s due to your OS or app.

Your assumption is correct - the problem is visible only in the Android app. The website texts is fine.

Would you have another android device (perhaps a phone?) to verify if it’s only your tablet or whether it’s some android related bug in general?

I don 't have an Android device anymore, sorry.