Cutting (Ctrl+X) and pasting (Ctrl+V) not working as expected

Steps to reproduce


  1. Ctrl+X the whole text (in note below):
  • Hello
  • I am nicelly bulleted text
  • Nice to meet you
  1. Ctrl+V this text in diferent (or same note) currently resulting in:
  • Hello - I am (not so nicelly) bulleted text - Nice to meet you

Expected result

Expecting to cut/past the same bulleted notes.

Actual result

Different cut/past format (in 1 row, instead of many rows)


Windows 10, 64 bit.
Chrome 72.0.3626.119
Desktop app also.

Additional comments

Thank you for your concern. For me, these kind of basic function bugs or what is going on are the achiles heel that actually hold me back from suggesting Dynalist to my colleagues and friends (just saying).

Otherwise, great job, thank you, Marek