Cut and paste nodes on mobile

Hi @Erica and @Shida, I love what you’ve been doing in mobile with multi select and now combining that with duplicate, thanks a lot! One major control function we have on desktop which we still can’t achieve in mobile is to cut whole nodes and paste them somewhere else (as opposed to cutting a particular bit of text). I am imagining this as a button on the mobile toolbar which would cut the currently selected (or multiple selected) nodes and another button which would then paste those nodes at the current location (I suppose the cut button could turn into a paste button after you had cut something).

This would make it way easier to move stuff about on a single screen on mobile. Currently we can only do this via the move function (which can take time to find where you want) or via the drag and drop function (which is pretty clunky / limited)

What do you reckon? In my head I imagine this having a very similar computational structure to duplicate so I’m hoping it’s not too much work from where we are now, but what do I know (nothing)?

Thanks for listening!