"customizable" shortcuts for non-pro

Newb question. For a free tier user, are “customizable shortcuts” non-customizable, or entirely not available? I found 2 shortcuts that don’t work for me. As far as I understand, one of them is a “customizable” shortcut – Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down to move between sibling nodes, and the other one is a “regular”(?) one – Ctrl+Shift+. to expand/collapse all.

yeah keymap is pro


I know and read all of that. I might have missed the detail I am looking for.
Please point out the correct answer from these choices:

  1. Free tier users CANNOT customize any of these keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Free tier users DO NOT HAVE any of these keyboard shortcuts.

You should be able to use all the ones that dont say (Pro) next to them https://help.dynalist.io/article/91-keyboard-shortcut-reference

move up is just Ctrl+Up without the alt

try the other ctrl key? theres one on the left and one on the right. i remember one side had issues in the past.