Custom search filter

I used todoist to manage my tasks, what i liked about todoist was, that you could create custom filter.

For example if I had to wait anywhere I had a filter named #InBetween this filter would display low priority tasks that are done in some minutes.
The filter for #InBetween was (#low | p4) & #5min.

This function I can imagine for dynalist, too.
For example I could create a filter tag like this:

  • #InBetween=(#low #5min OR #low #p4)
  • [#InBetween](#low #5min OR #low #p4)
  • Or without the hastag like a url
    [InBetween]=(#low #5min OR #low #p4)

And it would just display #InBetween or InBetween
If I click on #InBetween it would just copy the content of the brackets into the search field.

Is there a feature like this planned? Or a workaround available?

Hi Andrej,

You can indeed save searches by ‘bookmarking’ them: when you run a search, there is a little star next to the search box for this - you can save a search either from a specific document, specific list, or even from your whole dynalist account.

As far as I can tell however Dynalist doesn’t have as sophisticated search logic as todoist - I’m experimenting with this, and it certainly doesn’t seem to allow the advanced bracket logic you want - this was indeed a very nice function of todoist and I hope they add it some day.