Cursor down fails

Steps to reproduce

I get this sporadically and don’t have a reproduce method but I figure it’s worth mentioning.


For example, with the cursor on the blank line I can press up no problem and go up a few lines. And I can go down again, but once it reaches the blank line, I can no longer go down. I can press Right to go to the next line. I can type a letter and then I can go down. But if I delete the letter I can’t.

Yet, if I make new blank lines, these lines do not have this problem. There is something wrong with this one line that won’t let me cursor-down.


This is a Windows 10 Chrome App.

I’m able to reproduce this in Chrome:

  1. Open an existing document and remove all children.
  2. Add five children to the node, leaving the middle one blank.
  3. Navigate to the blank node, add a space, then press Backspace.
  4. Arrow up and then down again – the editor will not allow the cursor to go below the blank node.


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Can repro on my end as well. We’ll have a fix for it soon, thanks for the report!

A patched has been released!