Cursor doesn't return to previous item after add-to-inbox

Steps to reproduce

  • Set an item (A) as your inbox.
  • Elsewhere in the outline, begin editing another item (B).
  • While the cursor is blinking, type Ctrl-Shift-I to add an item to the inbox.
  • Type the text of the new item and then type ENTER to finish it.

Expected result

The cursor returns to where I left off in item B.

Actual result

The cursor has vanished, and I have to click in item B to resume working on it.


  • Windows 10 Insider Beta
  • Version 60.0.3112.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional comments

I like the inbox feature a lot – thank you very much!

With this bug, I have to take my hands off the keyboard to re-click what I was working on before – it’s distracting. Fixing this bug would allow me to quickly capture side thoughts and then resume working without losing my flow.

Thanks for listening to your users – you guys are great!

Ah, we should definitely fix this. Overlooked saving cursor location somehow.

Using capture to inbox feature right now to save this bug fix task… :nerd:



Fixed with today’s release (coming to desktop app soon!).

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Works perfectly now! Thanks so much. :smiley:

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