Ctrl+X doesn't work anymore

Ctrl+X used to cut currently selected item (similar to Ctrl+Shift+Backspace), after recent update it does nothing.

Ctrl+X still works, if 2 or more items are selected; pasting works normally as well

Yes, we removed it due to how (1) it can accidentally delete things because it’s close to Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+C, (2) how it doesn’t properly put the deleted item into the clipboard, and (3) it’s not a conventional shortcut when no text is selected.

Now you’ll have to use Ctrl+Shift+Backspace, or customize that shortcut if that’s an option for you.

It was pretty sad for me too because it was one of my personal favourite shortcuts too. I got very used to it in the code editors.

Fair enough! Can relate to accidentally deleting things, that’s why I do backup every so often now. I remember there was a suggestion for “lock node” feature, would be nice to see it in your backlog. There’s still an issue though: there’s no apparent way to select a single entry for Copy/Cut operation. I can select 2, but the moment I unselect second, only text in the first is selected. Or am I missing something?
I know I could use Ctrl+Shift+M to move the entry, but that’s a different operation; for example, what do I do if I want to copy a single entry with subentries into a clipboard?
I would have to expand the entry and then select all of the subentries; but while selecting 2 or more entries, as I explained above, just selecting the entry itself is enough to copy it’s descendants as well, without expanding it. Somewhat inconvenient and inconsistent, don’t you think?
The way it should work, I feel, is switching from text selection to node selection after you move cursor (while selecting) off the text to the far left (where the checkbox and node dot would be). Shift selection too: with the text fully selected, Shift+Left would select the whole node instead of text. Visual guides do exist already anyway (when selecting 2 or more nodes) to clearly make a distinction.

Have you tried Ctrl+A twice of Shift+Up/Down, whichever seems more convenient to you? They both select the current item, ready for copy/cut.

Oh, that does the trick!
I guess the problem is resolved then :heart:

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