CTRL+F in the search results page

Small feature request:

Sometimes I’ll search for something, realize I need to refine the terms, and then search for something else. But I’ll run into this UX issue:

  1. CTRL+F (or CMD+F) and type in my search query (e.g., “hello”)
  2. CTRL+ENTER to search over all documents.
  3. I realize I needed to search for something else, so I hit CTRL+F again. However, it now triggers the browser’s search feature, when I expected it to highlight (and select) the search term in the search box on the results page.

Basically, I’m at a search results page (i.e., https://dynalist.io/#q=hello) and I want to refine my search term so I instinctively hit CTRL+F. But this does something different than what I as a user expect, which is to move my cursor to (and possibly “select all”) the search box so I can edit the search terms.

Does anyone else run into this issue?


Hi Ron. See what you mean. It’s because the search box doesn’t have focus when the query results are displayed. You only need to press Esc to return and Ctrl + f works normally again. Can see this would be annoying though if you’re regularly changing the search query. It doesn’t sound like a big job to just give the search box focus and can’t see any disadvantages.