i have only just bought dynalist pro and am very new to it, one of the features i would like to explore but know absolutely nothing about is the custom css feature.
i would very much appreciate some help either on where to find help or to start learning how to use this feature.
thank you.

Suggestions (depends on how comfortable you are with code):

  • install a browser extension like Stylebot where you can click and modify the UI through an interface, and then see the CSS it generates. This can be copied into Dynalist’s CSS settings when you have what you want (remember to then turn off Stylebot too!)
  • copy and paste the many examples on these forums, but do it bit by bit so you can see the effects
  • open up the developer interface of your browser - in Chrome, press F12. You can then click on elements of the screen to see the existing CSS and layout settings, though it can be a challenge to see all the relationships if you don’t know how hierarchies of the styles work.
  • sure there’s introductory courses online too

It’s been a long time since I’ve been a developer, but I find CSS difficult to get my head around and regularly have to try and get what I want through trial and error and looking things up or hacking other people’s examples.

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As Stuart says, playing around with the CSS and seeing what it does is the best thing. That is how I have learned. What I found frustrating was searching through all the forum posts for the various CSS codes. I have compiled all the CSS code examples (at least those that I’ve read) into a shared DL file: https://dynalist.io/d/QSP8bOA8H2fdU3SrDg57gmdV

I think one of the most important codes to implement first is at the very top of that file. It enlarges the CSS input box so you can see more than just a few lines of code at at time. The second node also has a nifty trick on how to keep track of your code and a way to “turn on and off” each piece. I came up with neither of these, but am very grateful to the CSS gurus who did!

I also want to thank all the forum participants for sharing their CSS code. I have not given credit to everyone since I started this as a personal reference, but everyone has been very generous with their expertise when people have questions.

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Thanks for the wonderful advice, i am going to have to play this very slowly it already seems way out of my depth, but i will give it a go. Thank you again.

Thanks for the wonderful advice, i am going to have to play this very slowly I have now had a play with very small css items and they have worked which is very good. Thanks again