CSS to change shading colour?

Can the colour used for shading behind dates, and around the files/tags/bookmark lists be changed using the custom CSS? If yes, can someone please give me the syntax to use. I am using the default theme.

Yes, what would you like to change about them?

I would like to change the colour that is used. If I use the web client, the shading is light gray which is fine, but if I use the Windows client it shows as a fawny-brown colour which I would like to change.
This is only happening with the monitor I am using. When I reboot windows, all apps show colours that are brownish. If I reset the colour profile on my monitor back to its default profile, the brown tinge is removed, except in Dynalist where it persists. I am hoping that I can correct this using the CSS.

I cannot work out how or why the monitor profile is being over-ridden in the first place. If I could fix this, I would.

Thanks for your help.

Are you sure you’re not using some other theme, like Sepia on your Windows client?

If the brownish display is a monitor problem, when it’s fixed Dynalist should be back to light grey too…