Creating a new document from the sidebar

If I want to create a new document below a folder, it’s easy and quick - I right click on the folder and get the option to do it from there.

If I want to create a new document directly within two documents, I don’t think I can - I need to create one either below a folder or at the start of the side nav and then drag the document to where I want it.

Is there a time-saver way to create a document within documents without dragging e.g. through a keyword short or right clicking.



Unfortunately there isn’t such a a way, dragging is required to make a new document within existing documents.

The simple problem with the fast way that you described is that there’s no space to right click on… if you right click on the document, the document right click menu is triggered. If you have to somehow right click the tiny gap between documents, that’s pretty hard and not very time consuming either.

One workaround that might work is to “Make a copy”, and delete everything it it. That creates unwanted version history and is not guaranteed to be faster though. (You can Ctrl+Shift+A to select everything and delete them in one go)

Thanks for the explanation and workaround. I’ll see how I get on with that.

I wonder if a right click isn’t possible, perhaps a keyboard shortcut in the future?

That said, I really am a big fan of Dynalist and so glad I have found it. Keep up the great work!

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