Create new node item from anywhere within an existing item with e.g. Alt+Enter

Currently, if one presses Enter in the middle of the text of another node that node is split in two.

My suggestion is to add a Alt+Enter (Ctrl and Shift are already bound) to start add a new item below the current one, regardless of where the cursor is, and focus it to start writing in it. The new item will be on the same level as the one from which the action was initiated, i.e. they will share the same parent node. Additionally Shift+Alt+Enter can insert one above the current item.

My motivation is due to navigating a node in edit mode being a bit wonky whenever there is an item with multiple lines, e.g. paste this into 2 items on the same level:

test node test node test node test node test node [this is alink](

  1. Then go to the first line of the first item
  2. Press End (to go to the end of the line)
  3. Press Down arrow. The cursor will move to the item below, instead of going to the 2nd line

This only happens if you press End, as it seems the cursor goes further to the end than you can go if you press the Right arrow repeatedly. (If this is unclear I can make a short gif)