Could we have a more "convenient" Note Editing Area?

When I say the Note Editing Area is “Inconveniet”, I mean by this:

  1. I cannot use Ctrl-Home / Ctrl-End to navigate between BOF and EOF of my note
  2. When Note Editing Area is not activated, it’s very hard to Click and Activate Begining of a Text Line and End of a Text Line (I have to move the mouse cursor very carefully, so it can “landing” on begining or ending of a line )
  3. When the cursor is moving to the last line, the Note Editing Area can lose focus very easily and goto the next Outline item, but I have to do mutiple clicks and cursor movement to return the characters where I have been editing. :disappointed_relieved:


So, could we make the Note Editing Area more “convient” to use?


It would be nice if, when you add a note, you could click a little icon to open the note into an editor window… check out how Airtable does it with their notes field:


Dynalist & Workflowy are designed to have minimal interface, if there are popup windows, users may have more visual burdens … But the editing UI in your screenshot looks very neat and impressive. :grinning:


This would be so wonderful. Currently, I usually open a separate program to write longer notes which I then copy into Dynalist. It would help replace Evernote. It need only be a pop out window. Maybe it could be a feature in @Piotr 's Powerpack.

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This nice thing about how this is implemented in Airtable is that you can edit the note in the field and never have to open the separate editing window if you do not want to. So it shouldn’t add any visual clutter for those preferring the minimal on screen stuff.